The 7 most important things to do if you want to emigrate to Australia

The 7 most important things to do if you want to emigrate to Australia

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emigrate to australiaIf 2018 is the year you want to emigrate to Australia, then you’ve come to the right place to start your journey. We’re going to share the seven tasks that should be top of your to-do list:

1. Have an immigration eligibility assessment done

To emigrate to Australia, you’ll need a visa to do so. There are a number of visas available for all kinds of purposes, from working to investing in a business.

The best way to find out if you qualify for one of these visas, is to do an eligibility assessment with an Australian immigration agent. The assessment will show if emigration is an option and which visa you qualify for.

Your passport must be valid in order to make a visa application and also for the duration of your temporary visa. Triple the check dates and make a note!

2. Ensure that your passport is up to date

Your passport must be valid in order to make a visa application. Triple the check dates and make a note to renew if necessary.

3. Get cost estimates

We strongly advise getting estimates of costs to see exactly how much your emigration is expected to set you back financially. Many people don’t realise just how expensive moving countries can get.

Flights and visas are often just the beginning!

It’s also advisable to add initial living and housing costs to your budget, as well as cash for emergencies, especially medical ones.

4. Research Australia

Hopefully you’ve been to Australia a few times and you know what to expect. But if you have never set foot Down Under, it’s wise to do some research. Find out:

This is just a starter list, so add to it whatever else is important to you. If you’re a parent, that might be information on schools. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

5. Decide what you want to with your home and its contents – and whether you want to buy or rent once you’re in Australia

When it comes to your belongings, you can choose to ship everything, to store some or all of it, or to sell everything when you emigrate to Australia. Compare the costs to see which route will make the most sense for you.

The next decision to take is whether or not to sell your current home or keep it. If you keep it, you could rent it out. The extra money could come in handy.

Of course there is the possibility that you’ll be forced to sell your home to finance your emigration. If you’ve gotten those cost estimates we discussed, you’ll know if this will be necessary or not.

Then the time will come to decide between renting and buying in Australia. Renting is a good place to start, as it’ll afford you the opportunity to scout the housing market once you’ve arrived.

6. Do your homework when deciding on a immigration agent to work with

Here is the most valuable tip you’ll get from this article – ensure that the immigration agent you deal with is registered with MARA. That’s the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia. Only immigration agents who are licensed and registered with MARA can legally give immigration advice.

7. If you want to work once you’re in Australia, start looking at jobs

Exploring the job market will give you insight into the available jobs in Australia, the salaries within your industry, and the skills and experience employers ask for.

Of course you’ll need a visa. Read more about Australia’s skilled migration visas here and see here for information on employer sponsored visas.

You’re set for a successful emigration!

Once you’ve ticked off all seven tasks on our lists, and you qualify to emigrate to Australia, you’ll be set for a smooth emigration. If you need help with your visa along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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