Get Your Comprehensive Australian Migration Report Here!

Discover if you're eligible to live and work in Australia with a personalised immigration report from Intergate Emigration. You'll also get information about the migration and work visa system, and learn more about immigrating to Australia.

who is this report for?

Our Migration Report is specifically tailored to individuals who:

  • work in or have work experience in an occupation that is considered to be in skill shortage in Australia, and
  • wants to explore their Australian work visa options based on their occupation and skills, and 
  • wish to complete their visa application themselves or simply want more in-depth insight into their options and the immigration process.


  • FREE 15-Minute Migration Consultation Call
  • Immigration Eligibility Assessment
  • Occupation Evaluation and Appraisal
  • Skills Assessment Information
  • Skilled Migration Points Assessment
  • State and Territory Nomination Information
  • Explanations of Immigration Concepts and the Steps Involved
  • Information about Living and Working in Australia
  • Free CV and Cover Letter Template


Our Australian Migration Report is €450 (AU$750) once-off, and you can pay via credit card or PayPal. Please click below to proceed to the payment and assessment details page:

Our Licenses and Registrations

the migration report in detail

Your Migration Report includes the following information to help you immigrate to Australia:

  • An immigration eligibility assessment, including detailed feedback on suitable visa categories and options, an occupation evaluation and appraisal, and our recommendation for the way forward
  • Free 15-minute call with a licensed advisor to discuss the assessment's outcome and to ask any questions
  • Skilled migrant points assessment, including a detailed analysis of skills assessment requirements
  • State and territory nomination information 
  • Step-by-step instructions for various parts of the visa application, for example, how to submit an Expression of Interest
  • Glossary of immigration concepts
  • Information about living and working in Australia, including:
    • Schooling
    • Housing
    • Medicare
    • Importing household goods
    • Job hunting tips
    • And more
  • A Free CV and cover letter template, tailored to the Australian job market

who will write your report?

Our Australian Migration Reports are written by our MARA-registered and licensed advisors. Our advisors have extensive experience in immigration. Our team has helped partners, parents, skilled migrants, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain visas and residency in Australia.

what are the costs involved?

You'll get your personalised Australian Migration Report, including a free 15-minute call with a licensed advisor, for a once-off fee of €450 (AU$750). You can pay via credit card or PayPal.