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global talent independent programGlobal competition for talent is intensifying. Australia has entered the race with its Global Talent Independent Program.

The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program is designed to attract the world’s brightest and best to Australia’s shores, and it offers migrants permanent residence through the Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858).

The ‘target market’, so to speak, are exceptionally talented and prominent individuals in eligible fields that can help secure a strong economy for Australia and enhance Australia’s reputation on the global stage.

Understanding the Global Talent Independent Program

The Global Talent Independent Program offers a migration pathway for individuals with internationally recognised records of exceptional and outstanding achievement in high-priority sectors that align with Australia’s desire for economic growth and innovation.

The sectors are as follows:

  • Resources
  • Agri-food and AgTech
  • Energy
  • Health industries
  • Defence, advanced manufacturing and space
  • Circular economy
  • Digitech
  • Infrastructure and tourism
  • Financial services and FinTech
  • Education

The GTI’s eligibility criteria

The Global Talent Independent Program sets strict eligibility criteria for migrants who want to apply for a Global Talent Visa. Let’s look at these in detail:

  • Internationally recognised: You must be internationally recognised with a record of achievement in an eligible field or high-priority sector, as listed above.
  • Exceptional and outstanding: You are currently prominent in your field and have been for the past two years, and:
    • have superior abilities to others in your field, and
    • are acclaimed as exceptional in any country where your field is practised, and
    • have a record of sustained achievement that is unlikely to diminish in the future.
  • Respected field: You must participate in a field that:
    • is recognised and accepted in Australia, and
    • has international standing.
  • Nomination: You must be nominated by an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealander or organisation with a national reputation in your field.
  • Meet the high-income threshold: You must be able to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold, which is currently AUD162,000 per annum. You can meet this requirement by:
    • Having a current salary at or above the threshold, or
    • Being able to show future job offers offering at or above the required remuneration, or
    • Having academic or professional qualifications relevant to a defined sector

You must prove your achievements

You must be able to prove your achievements when applying for a Global Talent Visa. You’ll submit the following evidence as proof:

  • Relevant qualifications and awards, particularly from internationally recognised organisations
  • Supporting statements from government, professional, scientific, cultural, sporting or other relevant bodies
  • Documentary evidence which demonstrates an exceptional and outstanding record of achievement that positions you amongst the very best in your field.

You must also demonstrate prominence in your field within the two years preceding your visa application. The proof should include the following:

  • A reference from a person or organisation qualified to assess your claims
  • Profiles of your achievements in any media, such as magazines, newspapers or TV programs

Younger than 18 or older than 55?

If you’re younger than 18 or older than 55, you must prove that you would be of exceptional benefit to the Australian community. The evidence you can submit includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Statement regarding your professional plans upon settling in Australia
  • Job offer or employment in Australia
  • Service agreements or business contracts in Australia
  • Pitch deck or business planning documentation for Australia
  • Grants associated with planned research in Australia
  • Membership or appointment on industry advisory boards or regulatory authorities in Australia

What does the Global Talent Independent Progam offer you?

The GTI Program is a pathway to living in one of the most desirable countries in the world. Australia is beautiful, safe, and prosperous, and Australians enjoy a lifestyle second to none.

On a more practical level, having a Global Talent Visa offers you all these benefits:

  • You’re a permanent resident, meaning you can live in Australia indefinitely
  • You can work and study in Australia
  • You can enrol in Medicare, Australia’s universal health insurance scheme
  • You can sponsor eligible relatives for Australian residency
  • You’ll be eligible to become an Australian citizen

That’s not all the Global Talent Visa offers, though. You’ll also benefit from the following:

  • You don’t have to provide a skills assessment
  • You don’t have to meet a minimum points threshold
  • You don’t need state or territory nomination
  • You can be up to 55 years old or older provided you can demonstrate exceptional economic benefit to Australia
  • You can be a recent PhD graduate in one of the key target sectors

The advantages of the GTI Program for Australia

The Global Talent Independent Program not only benefits migrants; it also offers major advantages to Australia.

For starters, it positions Australia as an attractive destination for skilled professionals looking to contribute their expertise, further their careers, and be part of a vibrant and inclusive society.

Furthermore, the Global Talent Independent Program fosters economic growth, skills enrichment, and innovation.

Let’s look at these in more detail:

1. Fosters economic growth

By attracting highly skilled professionals from around the world, the Global Talent Independent Progam brings expertise and talent to Australia that contribute to the growth of various industries.

Global Talent Visa holders often start businesses, invest in research and development, and create job opportunities, leading to economic stimulation and increased productivity.

2. Addresses skill shortages

The Global Talent Independent Program enables Australia to fill critical skills shortage gaps by bringing in professionals with specialised skills and knowledge that may be scarce in the local labour market, especially in STEM, healthcare and other high-demand sectors.

In turn, this allows industries such as science, technology, engineering, and healthcare to thrive and remain globally competitive.

3. Enhances research and development capabilities

Australia has a strong focus on research and development to drive innovation. Many of Australia’s top universities are known for their innovation initiatives.

The Global Talent Independent Program supports this focus by attracting researchers, scientists, and academics at the forefront of their fields. These individuals bring cutting-edge ideas, collaborate with local institutions, and contribute to groundbreaking research initiatives, positioning Australia as a hub for innovation and discovery.

4. Increases Australia’s global competitiveness and raise its reputation

The ability to attract global talent enhances Australia’s reputation on the global stage, and it shows that Australia offers opportunities, a favourable business environment, and a high quality of life.

As a result, Australia stands to attract further investments, collaborations, and talent, making it even more competitive in the global marketplace.

Explaining the Application Process

You’ll go through six steps when applying for a Global Talent Visa through the GTI Program:

Step 1: Eligibility Assessment

It’s crucial to determine if you qualify to apply for a Global Talent Visa before embarking on the application process. You can do this by completing an eligibility assessment with a licensed advisor.

Step 2: Gathering your documents

You’ll have to submit various documents with your application to support the claims you make in your application and show you meet the visa criteria. These documents include but are not limited to:

  • Evidence of your achievements in an eligible field
  • Identity documents
  • Nominator documents
  • Partner documents, if your spouse or de facto partner is joining you

Step 3: Preparing and submitting your Global Talent Expression of Interest

You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to indicate your interest in applying for a Global Talent Visa. Your EOI form and all supporting documentation must be submitted in English.

At this stage, you should already have a suitable nominator and a completed Nomination for Global Talent – Form 1000 as well as your nominator’s supporting documents to add to your EOI. These documents increase your chances of getting an invitation to apply for the Global Talent Visa.

Step 4: Receive an Invitation to Apply for a Global Talent Visa

If your Expression of Interest is deemed to be successful, you will receive an Invitation to Apply for the Global Talent Visa. Invitations are usually valid for 12 months.

Step 5: Applying for your Global Talent Visa

You can submit your visa application once you’ve received an Invitation to Apply and have gathered all the required documents.

Step 6: Visa outcome

You’ll get the outcome of your visa application once Australia has decided on it. You can be in or outside Australia when your application is decided.

Processing times:

The Department of Home Affairs assess visa applications on a case-by-case basis, and processing times can vary due to individual circumstances. For example:

  • Whether you’ve lodged a complete application, including all required supporting documents
  • How quickly you respond to requests for additional information
  • How long it takes to perform required checks on supporting information that you provided
  • How long it takes to receive extra information from external agencies about health, character, and national security requirements
  • How many places are available in the migration program

The Department of Home Affairs does however state on its website that 90% of Global Talent pathway applications are processed within seven months (May 2023).

Addressing Misconceptions about the Global Talent Independent Program

There are a handful of misconceptions about the Global Talent Independent Program, as with many other Australian visa categories.

Let’s clear up four prominent misconceptions:

1. The Global Talent Independent Program is only for individuals in highly technical fields like science and technology

While the Global Talent Independent Program is designed to attract individuals in STEM fields, it is not limited to these areas.

The GTI Program welcomes talented professionals from various industries, including but not limited to healthcare, academia, the arts, and business.

The focus is on exceptional talent and skills that can contribute to Australia’s economy and society across a broad range of sectors.

2. The Global Talent Visa is difficult to obtain, and the application process is complex

While the Global Talent Visa requires applicants to demonstrate exceptional talent or skill, it is not unattainable or excessively complex.

The GTI Program has clear eligibility criteria and application guidelines. By following the steps and providing the required evidence, individuals with outstanding achievements in their respective fields have a fair chance of securing a Global Talent Visa.

Seeking assistance from migration agents or lawyers can also simplify the process and ensure you meet all requirements.

3. The Global Talent Independent Program is only for young professionals or recent graduates

The GTI Program is not limited to young professionals or recent graduates. It is designed to attract skilled professionals at various stages of their careers who can contribute significantly to Australia’s economy, innovation, or cultural landscape.

4. The Global Talent Visa requires a job offer or sponsorship from an Australian employer

You do not need a job offer or sponsorship from an Australian employer to apply for the Global Talent Visa, but you do need a suitable nominator with a national reputation in your field who can attest to your achievements and prominence.

In conclusion

The Global Talent Independent Program offers you the chance to live and work in Australia if you have exceptional talents and skills to help the country thrive economically and compete globally.

While application requirements are stringent, Global Talent Visa applicants enjoy several concessions. You don’t have to provide a skills assessment, you don’t have to meet a minimum points threshold, and you can be up to the age of 55. You could even apply if you’re older, provided you can prove an exceptional economic benefit to Australia.

The advantages of the Global Talent Visa don’t end there. You’ll get permanent residence if your visa application is successful! And, as a permanent resident, you can sponsor eligible relatives to join you in Australia, enrol in Medicare, and apply for Australian citizenship.

The first step towards a Global Talent Visa and PR is an eligibility assessment to see if you meet the requirements. It’s a small step but could reap massive rewards. You’ll be on your way to making one of the best countries in the world your home if you qualify for the Global Talent Independent Program!

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