What is the Australian skilled migrant points test?

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Australian skilled migrant points testIf you’ve done any research on migrating to Australia, you would have come across something called the ‘Australian skilled migrant points test’.

This points test is mistaken as being straightforward by most people, even easy enough to do without the assistance of an immigration adviser.

However, the truth is that the help of an adviser should be enlisted as there are many finer points to the test which should be taken into consideration.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What’s the Australian skilled migrant points test?

The skilled migrant points test is a clear, conscise and objective test which enables Australia to choose skilled migrants with the attributes and skill sets which are needed in the country.

All applicants under the skilled migrant category are required to take a test and get a minimum score in order to qualify for a visa.

What score is needed to pass?

As explained above, skilled migrant applicants must score a minimum mark to ‘pass’. This refers to the total number of points needed in order to fully qualify for the grant of a visa.

The minimum score is 65 points, but scoring more points is always better.

How do you earn points?

Points are awarded for various attributes and skills. Some of the areas for which points may be
awarded include:

  • Your English language competency.
  • Overseas employment experience.
  • Australian employment experience.
  • Your age.
  • Educational qualifications.
  • Studying done in Australia.

When must you take the points test?

You must take your Australian skilled migrant points test prior to the Expression of Interest.

In fact, without the minimum score of 65 points, you won’t be able to lodge an Expression of Interest for your skilled migrant visa.

What are the general skilled migration classes?

There are six skilled migration classes. These are:

  1. Independent Skilled (subclass 189).
  2. Nominated Skilled (subclass 190).
  3. Regional (Provisional) (subclasss 489).
  4. Temporary Graduate (subclass 485).
  5. Recognised Graduate (subclass 476).
  6. Skilled Regional (subclass 887).

Each of these classes is different and independent. Feel free to click on each one in order to learn more about it.

How do you know which skilled migrant class is the best option for you?

The option which you choose should be best suited to your unique situation and circumstances. This is why it’s beneficial to make use of a fully licensed Australian immigration adviser.

Such an adviser will be able to help you determine which skilled migrant visa is best for you. A licensed adviser will also be able to explain the points test to you and advise you on further steps to take.

Ready to speak to an licensed adviser?

Whether you want to complete an Australian skilled migrant points test or simply have more questions, give us a call on +27 (0) 21 202 8200. You’ll be put in touch with one of our advisers and you’ll be able to get the assistance you require.

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