Recognised Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 476) - Working in Australia as a graduate from an international university

The Rrecognised graduate temporary visaecognised Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 476) for Australia is for applicants who have graduated from selected universities around the world. It allows these students to gain up to 18 months of experience in Australia in occupations that are in demand. As such, it falls under the skilled migrant visa class.

Who can apply for a Recognised Graduate Temporary Visa (subclass 476)?

You can apply for a Recognised Graduate Temporary visa if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are under the age of 31.
  • The degree or higher qualification you studied must be in a discipline specified by the Minister of Legislative and it must have focused on one of the following disciplines: Civil engineering; Structural engineering; Chemical engineering; Environmental engineering; Electrical and electronics engineering; Mechanical production and plant engineering; Mining and material engineering.
  • Health, character, other public interest and special return criteria.
  • Satisfactory English. You will prove this by means of testing unless you're a citizen of: The United Kingdom; Canada; New Zealand; The United States of America; The Republic of Ireland.

You may not apply if you previously held a subclass 476 or 485 visa on the basis of satisfying the primary criteria.

What about dependents?

You can include your children as well as any other dependent relatives when you apply for a Recognised Graduate Temporary visa.

These children or dependent relatives must also meet health, character and Australian Values Statement criteria, depending on their age.

What are you allowed to do while on a Recognised Graduate Temporary visa?

Your visa will permit you to do the following while you're in Australia:

  • Travel.
  • Work.
  • Undertake further professional studies.
  • Study to improve your English skills.

Additional visas Recognised Graduate Temporary visa holders can apply for

The subclass 476 visa provide opportunity to apply for other related visas while you're in Australia. You may be eligible to apply for the following visas:

Please note the following...

  • At the time of writing, a wide range of educational institutions throughout the world are listed, but engineering is the only discipline specified.
  • The Recognised Graduate Temporary visa does not require a skills assessment or pass mark.
  • Visa capping applies to this subclass.

Who is allowed to help you?

There are many horror stories of people handing large sums of money to so-called immigration agents, only to end up disappointed and with no visa.

All you have to do to prevent this from happening to you too, is follow one simple golden rule – only deal with licensed immigration agents.

Intergate Emigration has a fully licensed immigration adviser. Her name is Katrin Maja O'Flynn and you can view her credentials on the official Migration Agents Authority website.

A word of caution - proceed with caution when you encounter an agent outside of Australia with an Australian DIBP offshore ID. This number looks official but it is not.

Migration agents operating outside of Australia get DIBP numbers for administrative purposes only. Their number does not represent an Australian government endorsement.

In fact, agents outside of Australia doesn't have to be registered with the Office of MARA.

In short, you are dealing with agent who is not licensed and not backed by MARA.

Visit the MARA website to search for any agent and to check their credentials. If you cannot find the agent, do not deal with them. If you cannot find the agent on the MARA website do not deal with them.

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Our immigration agent is licensed by MARA, giving you complete peace of mind during your migration.

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