Moving to Australia: 5 Tips for setting yourself up for success

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moving to australiaDo you and your family talk about moving to Australia in search of a better life? Do you want to do everything within your power to ensure this dream becomes a reality?

Then you must read the five tips we have for you today. You’ll discover how to start your emigration the right way and also see how to prepare for the first few months in Australia.

Let’s get straight to it…

1. Find out if you qualify to live in Australia

As with any other country, Australia only allows foreigners with valid visas into the country. This means you must be able to qualify for one of the Australian visas to move there.

How do you find out if you’re eligible for an Australian visa?

You have two options:

  • Do the research yourself.
  • Get help from an emigration agent.

Our advice? Talk to an agent. An agent has what you don’t:

  • Expert and up-to-date Australian immigration legislation knowledge.
  • Experience in the industry.

2. Get the right advice

Should you choose to deal with agent, the person must be licensed and registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Only MARA registered agents can legally give Australian immigration advice.

How do you find out if an agent is licensed with MARA?

Licensed agents list their details on MARA’s site. You can view the details of our licensed immigration agents here and here.

3. Get your paperwork in order

Your Australian visa application will require a lot of supporting documentation. Get everything together as soon as you know what’s needed.

The quicker you have all the documentation you need, the quicker you can apply for your visa.

4. Research the Australian way of doing things

Your home country and Australia won’t have the same way of doing things.

The little things, like whether or not to tip after a meal, you can figure out in Australia.

However, the bigger things, like health insurance, should be researched beforehand. You don’t want to have your family without health insurance during an emergency!

Other areas worth investigating before moving to Australia would be:

5. Save the equivalent of at least three months’ salary

It is a good idea to include a financial buffer into your planning. Surprise expenses often pop up during an emigration!

Our advice is to make it the equivalent of at least three month’s salary. It might sound like a lot but you’ll be glad you did it. Trust us!

The most important is number 1 – check whether or not moving to Australia is an option for you!

We cannot stress this enough – you must start by finding out if you qualify to live in Australia. The only way to legally move to Australia is with a valid visa in hand. It can’t be done any other way.

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