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skilled nomination visa (subclass 190) applicationThere are five steps in the Skilled Nomination visa (subclass 190) application. It is impossible to lodge your final application without completing each step – and you have to stick to the order of the process.

Our clients often come to us not knowing this or with incorrect information in hand. Either of these situations could lead to visa applications with errors, failed applications, huge financial losses and disappointment.

The only way to protect yourself from this is to know what the steps in the skilled nomination visa application process are (and to work with a registered migration agent).

Today we’ll not only tell you what each step is, but also share what should happen at each step.

Nomination visa application

Let’s get to it. The steps in order are:

 1. A comprehensive assessment

Your skilled nomination visa (subclass 190) application must start with a skilled migration assessment, also known as a points test.

This is because Australia operates on a points system for immigration, which means anyone hoping to emigrate to Australia must score above a certain points threshold to be eligible to do so.

Anyone who doesn’t manage to meet the points requirements will unfortunately not be able to emigrate to Australia.

You can probably tell why the assessment is the first step? That’s right. If you don’t know your points score there is no way of knowing whether or not you should go ahead with your visa application.

But what happens if you do lodge an application without getting a proper assessment done?

The unfortunate truth is that the chances of getting a rejected outcome increase exponentially. This would inevitably mean that you pinned your hopes on something that was not possible from the start and spent your life savings on a dream that is not attainable.

Who can do an assessment for you?

Our advice is to always enlist the services of a licensed immigration agent if you are seeking professional help:

  • Only licensed immigration agents (or those who are exempt) are governed.
  • Only licensed immigration agents can be held accountable by MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), the recognised professional body in Australia.

MARA agent tip

2. Expression of Interest

You’ve completed an assessment with an immigration agent and you meet the Australian points requirement. Now it is time to submit your Expression of Interest.

The Expression of Interest is how you show your interest in applying for a skilled nomination visa. It is an online form in SkillSelect and it asks a series of questions about your skills. For instance, you’ll answer questions about your work experience and English competency. You do not submit any supporting documents at this stage.

The purpose of the EOI is to determine your eligibility for the specific visa you’re interested in. For example, the nomination visas under the Queensland or Tasmanian Programmes.

Employees as well as state and territory government agencies in regions you’ve indicated an interest in will be able to access your EOI.

3. EOIs are reviewed and applicants selected

This is when states and territories will consider all EOIs and select the skilled workers they wish to nominate.

4. Invitation to apply

Should you be selected and you have submitted a points score in excess of the required pass mark, you will receive an invitation to apply for a visa from the SkillSelect system.

Your invitation to apply will stipulate and share the following with you:

  • The subclass under which you are being invited to apply.
  • The time frame within which you have to make your application.
  • Any additional information that you should include with your application, if applicable.

What happens if you do not get an invitation to apply?

Your EOI will stay in the SkillSelect for a maximum of two years should you not get an invite.

However, it is a fact that the number of people who want to migrate to Australia are higher than the number of available places. Unfortunately this means some EOIs won’t get an invitation to apply.

5. Submit your visa application

Once you’ve received your invitation to apply, you can start preparing your visa application. Now is when you’d submit all the supporting documentation necessary for your application, as listed in the document requirements for the visa you’re applying for.

Once everything is in order, you can submit your application.

arrowDon’t forget what the most important part of the Skilled Nomination visa (subclass 190) application process is!

It is of course the assessment. Getting a comprehensive assessment done right at the start is the only way to know if you qualify to live and work in Australia.

Remember too that you should get your assessment done by a licensed immigration agent. It’s the best way to get an accurate score and the right advice for your emigration journey.

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