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migrate to australiaAre you looking to Migrate to Australia? If so, you will join the tens of thousands a year who seek to make Australia their new home.

Sadly not everyone who wishes to migrate to Australia qualifies for an Australian Visa but don’t be discouraged as there are thousands that do.

The below is a must read for those wanting to know where to start and which migration option exist for you to explore.

Who can help you with your migration options?

The short version of this is using a registered migration agent or doing your own research. Our advice? Use a professional. This person has knowledge and experience you don’t have and is more trustworthy than a website you find on the internet.

What’s the starting point?

In nearly all cases, a full assessment should be carried out to ascertain whether you can migrate to Australia. This normally involves a detailed fact finding process that concludes with you a written report advising you whether you do qualify for migration to Australia, what’s your best migration options in terms of visas and also if you don’t qualify what actions you may take to change this.

What are the migration options?

There are a number of options that you could consider depending on your circumstances and we encourage you to research these more as listed below:

Skilled Migration
Partner visas
Employer sponsored

What makes migration to Australia so popular?

We could write several thousand words on this subject, but we will be brief:

• Climate
• Economy
• The friendly people
• Welfare and healthcare
• Business opportunities
• Employment opportunities
• Amazing scenery
• Great social life
• Amenities

Can you migrate to Australia without a job offer?

Yes you can. If your aim is to secure employment in Australia it is possible to secure a work visa without a job offer. Of course, having one can increase your chances but as long as you score high enough on your point’s assessment there is no need.

What’s the most important thing for skilled migration?

There are a number of criteria to meet, but first stop is whether your occupation matches any as listed on the skilled occupations lists. If you are on the list that is a great starting point.

Does it make a difference if I want to go a specific area of territory?

If you are prepared to commit to a specific area of territory for a period of time (normally 2 years) then this can even increase your chances of qualifying for a visa that enables you to migrate to Australia.

Is it complicated to migrate to Australia?

There are over 100 different visa options so sifting your way through them certainly takes detailed knowledge and time. Once again to be sure you look at all possible visa routes, do not waste money and build false hopes we suggest firstly an assessment with a registered immigration agent.

Migrate to Australia with Intergate Emigration

Intergate are one of only a few companies with a locally based registered immigration agent. Our processes are clearly defined, our success rate excellent and our pricing extremely competitive.

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