Increase of skills assessment fees for Offshore Skills Assessment Program, TSS Skills Assessment Program and Trade Recognition

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From 1 March 2019, skills assessments for the TSS Program (TSS Skills Assessment Program), OSAP (Offshore Skills Assessment Program) and TRS (Trades Recognition Services) will see an increase in fees.

The new fees

The following fees apply to the specific services which might be required in a skills assessment as of 1 March:

skills assessment fees

Please note: You won’t necessarily go through each of the steps listed above. The steps you have to complete would depend on your individual circumstances. For more information regarding your eligibility please contact us.

Skills assessment fees will now be paid directly to Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) through the TRA Online Portal

There is one other change coming into effect on 1 March with regards to fees. Going forward, you will pay your skills assessment fees directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal.

Please note: There are also three other changes coming into effect with regards to skills assessments. Read more about these here.

How will TRA payments work?

To facilitate Online Portal payments, your chosen RTO (Registered Training Organisation) will provide you with an RTO assessment payment identifier code. This code must be used to make payment through the TRA Online Portal for the service you require. For example, a technical assessment, practical assessment, etc.

Intergate Emigration’s role

Your administrator at Intergate will assist you with payment of your skills assessment. Our adviser will establish the RTO to choose during your eligibility assessment and the administrator will facilitate the payment on your behalf on submission of your skills assessment.

Call us with questions or concerns

If you have any questions on or concerns about these fee increase and how they may affect you, please feel free to contact us.

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