How do I get a work visa for Australia?

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work visa for Australia

You’ve done the research and decided Australia is where your family needs to be. Now it’s time to address the next big question – how to get a work visa for Australia.

But you have no idea of what your options are, how the process works or where to start.

Does this sound familiar? We bet it does. We get hundreds of phone calls each month from people who find themselves in this exact situation.

So how does it work when you want to work in Australia, you ask? Here’s what we share with everyone who call us:

You start with an assessment

You must have the right skills and qualifications if you want to work in Australia. Australia wants immigrants who can add value and supply skills the country needs.

That’s why it’s important to start with an immigration eligibility assessment, to find out if your skills and qualifications are in need in Australia.

A comprehensive assessment, done by a licensed immigration agent, will reveal whether or not you qualify to work in Australia, which visa you qualify for, if any, and explain the way forward.

The two available visa categories are:

  • Skilled migrant
  • Sponsored work

There is a different process for each of these and we explain both below.

Here’s the process for a skilled migrant application

When you qualify for general skilled migration and decide to proceed, the first step is lodging an Expression of Interest.

Your Expression of Interest demonstrates your interest in a specific Australian visa and details:

  • The visa subclass and stream you intend to apply for.
  • Whether you’re seeking sponsorship from a state or territory government.
  • If you are open to residing in specific states or territories.

If your Expression of Interest is accepted by an employer or a state or territory government body, you’ll move on to the next step, which is the Invitation to Apply.

The Invitation to Apply is exactly what the name suggests – an invitation to you to apply for a skilled migrant visa. It will detail all of this information:

  • The subclass under which you are being invited to apply.
  • The time frame within which you have to make your visa application.
  • Any additional information you should include with your application.

The final step is preparing and lodging your visa application.

And here’s how it works if you’re eligible for a sponsored work visa for Australia

There are fewer steps in the process for the employer sponsored category, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it means it’s easier to apply for these visas.

The first step is nomination by an Australian employer. The documentation required will depend on whether you’re applying under the Employer Nomination Scheme or Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme as well as the stream you’re applying under:

  • Temporary Residence Transition stream.
  • Direct Entry stream.
  • Labour Agreement stream.

You’ll move on to the next and final step when the nomination has been accepted – preparing and lodging your application.

Let’s recap…

If you’d like to apply for a work visa for Australia, you must have skills and qualifications needed in Australia. You’ll find out if you if you do by completing an assessment with an immigration agent.

Should you in fact qualify to work in Australia, you can proceed and start the process of your emigration journey. The specific actions you’ll take will depend on whether your qualify for skilled migration or sponsored work.

Our advice? Get the assessment done as soon as you can.

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