What you should know about an Australian assessment for immigration

What you should know about an Australian assessment for immigration

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australian assessment for immigrationWhat if we told you there is one step in your immigration process that will:

  • Tell you if you qualify for immigration; and
  • Identify your migration options and pathways; and also
  • Prevent you from spending time, energy and money on something that is not possible.

There is and it’s the least expensive part of the process too – it’s getting a proper Australian assessment for immigration done.

What do we mean with proper assessment?

A proper Australian assessment for immigration meets all the following criteria:

  • It takes the form of a written report, compiled by a licensed immigration agent for Australia. Check the credentials of an agent by doing a search for their surname on the official MARA website.
  • It should be based on a comprehensive assessment questionnaire that you have completed, along with a review of your qualifications.
  • It should cost you no more than GBP150 or the currency equivalent.
  • It should commit you to no more than the assessment, certainly not your entire Australian immigration.

What about online assessments?

This is a question we get often. Many people don’t understand why it’s necessary to pay for an assessment when it can be done free of charge online.

In our opinion, online assessment are not the best foundation to build your emigration on.

The reason for this is three-fold:

  1. An online assessment is often a series of questions with only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Unfortunately the world of immigration is often grey, not black and white.
  2. Few online assessments have detailed descriptions guiding you to answers correctly.
  3. Equally few online assessment contain the more intricate parts of the Australian immigration act.

Let’s look at a practical example:

You are asked about your skills and you enter a degree and years of experience. In a couple of seconds the online assessment gives you points. But:

  • Did you upload your CV? Did the computer read it and validate the years of experience you are claiming?
  • Did the online assessment advise you on the correct ANZSCO code?
  • Did the online assessment verify that your diploma or degree is recognised?
  • Did you get points for only one qualification?
  • Did you get the lowest or highest points score you are eligible for?
  • Did the online assessment recommend a process that’ll help mitigate financial loss?
  • Does the online assessment you’re using reference the latest skilled shortage lists?

In essence, an online assessment is nothing more than a computer program with an algorithm that calculates your chances of qualifying from a written code.

Further to this, free online assessments are often simply marketing tools to lure you into proper assessments which is charged for. This ploy is based on the premise that us humans find it hard to turn down a freebie.

Let us state for the record before we continue:

We are in no way saying you shouldn’t use the internet to do research, but we are saying that you should proceed with caution when taking advice from online resources. This goes for online assessments, as well as forums, Facebook groups and the like.

Why does Intergate charge for assessments?

In just a few words – we charge because we are professionals and our advice is from licensed and experienced immigration advisers.

Our advisers have undergone university studies in order to qualify to give you advice and they continue to keep their knowledge up to date with continuous professional development.

That’s not the only reason though.

We also charge you for an Australian assessment for immigration because conducting the assessment and compiling the subsequent report is not a small job. It takes a couple of days and the reasons for this are:

  • We don’t want to spend only a few minutes on your assessment and then expect you to base a life-changing decision based on the results.
  • We want you to enter into a migration process with all the risks clearly explained to you.
  • We don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to immigrate because we did half a job.
  • But we also don’t want to give you false expectations and we want to minimise any financial risk.

If you value your migration as much as we do, it shouldn’t be hard to pay for an assessment, whether it’s with us or another licensed immigration adviser.

However, if you need more motivation, let’s take you back to a little earlier when we said the assessment is the least expensive part of your migration process.

Yes, that’s right, because for only R1710 you can get a formal written report from one of our licensed immigration advisers.

If you proceed with a full application with us, we’ll discount the cost of your application by this R1710. This is how serious we are about starting your immigration on a strong foundation, based on a written report and full attention to detail.

What happens to the money you pay for your Australian assessment for immigration?

All registered migration agents for Australia must follow a strict professional code of conduct and certain requirements as dictated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Intergate follows these rules and regulations to the letter. Most notable to you is how your money is handled once you make a payment to us:

When you make a payment, your money is held in a client account. The reason for this is that your adviser is yet to perform any service for you and, as such, has not earned the money you have paid.

You’ll get an invoice from us as and when work is completed, showing what work has been done as well as how much of your money has been moved from the client account to our normal cheque account.

The money you have paid us, or any adviser, stays yours until the work has been completed and you have been sent an invoice.

In summary

The part of your migration process you cannot leave out is an Australian assessment for immigration.

Remember, you are moving yourself and your family to a new country, giving up your life in your home country and leaving behind loved ones.

You want to get this right from the start and all it takes is an assessment. Book yours right here and now or call us on either +27 (0) 202 8200 (South Africa) or +44 (0) 1392 531730.

Either way, make contact today and get your immigration off to a solid start.

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