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Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (190) - Immigration to Australia with an occupation on a Tasmania Skilled Nomination Occupation List

tasmania skilled nomination program (190)Do you want to immigrate to Australia? Are you interested in Tasmania in particular? Then you want to read the information below on the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (190).

What is the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (190)?

Each region in Australia has different skills shortage needs to that of the country as a whole. As such, each state and territory has a skilled nomination program.

In this case, the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (190) allows the state to make provision for skilled immigrants specifically needed in Tasmania.

About the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program

  • You are eligible for a Skilled Nomination visa (subclass 190) if your occupation appears on the  Tasmania Skilled Nomination Occupation Lists.
  • If your occupation do appear on the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program list, you must have work experience post qualification in your nominated occupation for five years or longer.
  • The Skilled Nomination visa is a points-based visa and you must score at least 60 points.
  • You must meet the minimum requirements as specified by the Tasmania Skilled Nomination Program (190).
  • You must secure a formal job offer from a Tasmanian employer.
  • If your application is successful, you must stay and work in Tasmania for 2 years.

The application process

The application process has 5 steps:

Submit application for nomination to Tasmania
Complete and submit visa application

About Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state that is part of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is located 240 kilometres from the south of the Australian mainland and separated from Australia by Bass Strait.

Tasmania is an island of difference. Its people are resourceful, applying the kind of creativity that arises from geographical isolation to their business activities, scientific research and artistic endeavors.

Important information

There are plenty of horror stories of failed migration attempts and people parting with large sums of money only to be disappointed.

You can easily prevent this from happening to you by following two golden rules:

  • Golden Rule 1

Only deal with licensed immigration agents!

You can look for agents on the official MARA website. If an agent isn't listed, it means it is not a licensed agent you're dealing with.

Intergate Emigration has a fully licensed adviser, Katrin Maja O'Flynn. You can check her credentials on the official Migration Agent Authority website here.

  • Golden Rule 2

Do not let agents outside of Australia with an Australian DIBP Offshore ID fool you! DIBP numbers look official but are not.

Migration agents who operate outside of Australian do not have to be registered with the Office of MARA.

The DIBP numbers are only issued for administrative purposes. These numbers do not represent an endorsement by the Australian government of the agent.

In short – you are not dealing with a registered agent and your agent does not have the backing of MARA.

MARN number

MARA Licensed Agents

Our immigration agent is licensed by MARA, giving you complete peace of mind during your migration.

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