Employer Sponsored Visas - When you are looking to migrate with a job offer

employer sponsored visasDo you have a job offer from an Australian employer? Or are you hoping to get one? Then the information on Employer Sponsored visas below are for you.

However, be aware that you'll have to be under the age of 50 (some exceptions do apply) to qualify for a Employer Sponsored visas.

The Employer Sponsored visas categories

Employers sponsored visas has two categories:

The Employer Sponsored visas streams

There are three streams under both ENS and RSMS:

  1. The Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) stream. This stream is for existing subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for the same employer for two years in Australia.
  2. The Direct Entry (DE) stream. This is for skilled foreign workers who do not meet the requirements of the TRT stream. This can include high income earners and some New Zealanders.
  3. The Labour Agreement (‘Agreement’) stream. The Agreement stream is for individuals sponsored under a labour agreement or Regional Migration Agreement which has been specially negotiated with the Department.

What is the application process for Employer Sponsored visas?

The process of applying for an Employer Sponsored visa comprises two parts:

Nomination by the employer.
Visa application by the nominated individual.

Please note: Direct Entry nomination under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme has an additional step because these applications must be assessed and approved by the Department.

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