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Australian Skill Shortage Areas

This article on the Australian skilled shortage list is essential reading if you are looking to emigrate to Australia as a skilled worker.

Simply put, if your occupation is on the Australian skilled occupation list your prospective emigration is off to a good start!

are you on the australian skilled occupation list.jpgAustralia needs to attract emigrant workers to fill gaps in the labour market that it cannot do from its own citizens. This works on 2 levels:

  1. A national level where these skills are needed throughout the whole of Australia.
  2. A regional level where these skills are needed for a specific territory in Australia.

A careful analysis is carried out as to what these needed skills are and these are then placed on the Australian Skilled Occupation list.

This means that if your occupation features on the Australian skilled shortage list your skills are required in Australia and you may be eligible for a skilled independent or sponsored work visa.


important information on the australian skilled occuaption list

  1. The Australian skilled shortage list is not set in stone. Occupations featuring on it are constantly under review and may be removed at anytime.
  2. These reviews take place every 6 months in July and January so your timing of any visa application is crucial.
  3. There is one national skills shortage list and 8 regional ones. The regional ones are combined under a listing called CSOL - combined skilled occupation list. The national list under SOL - skilled occupation list.
  4. Just because your occupation may appear on one of the skill shortage lists this does not mean you will meet the criteria for that occupation.
  5. Each occupation carries with it an ANZSCO code which details with it all the requirements for that particular occupation.

help on the australian skilled occupation listEvery occupation featured carries it's own set of caveats, qualifying criteria and processes. At Intergate we want to supply you with as much information as we can. Simply find your occupation on the list click the link and access your FREE and INDEPTH guide to your particular occupation.

If you cant find your occupation it maybe we have not featured it yet so please enquire with us here and we will be in touch to let you know if your occupation features on the Australian Skilled Occupation List and talk you through the requirements.